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Activity Pods

Activity Pods are themed activity packs specially crafted for young children to learn, discover the world and develop various skills all at the same time. They are designed for young kids to play with some adult supervision while waiting at the restaurant table, or at Grandma’s, or simply at home on a rainy day. These activity pods can also be used as busy bags, depending on your child’s age and learning ability.


Every themed pod comes with all materials needed for the activities, and a fun sensory play component. A tray is included to contain all the sensory fun parts but do note that things will get a little messy. You may use the sensory play parts at your discretion. 

Farmer’s Market | Activity Pod Farmer’s Market | Activity Pod
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(Most) children love fruits! And for some lucky parents, some children love their veggies as well! In this Farmer’s Market activity pod, they will get to know the differences between fruits and vegetables, learn about colours, observe shapes, practice pattern recognition, and conduct simple addi..
Fun on the Farm | Activity Pod Fun on the Farm | Activity Pod
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We all know horses neigh, pigs oink and cows moo. But do you know rabbits purr? Let your little ones discover more about farm animals with our Fun on the Farm activity pod.Children will learn about mummy and baby farm animals, the sounds they make, where they live, observe their silhouettes and..
Shell-y Fun | Activity Pod Shell-y Fun | Activity Pod
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Children love going to the beachside and kicking at the waves, building sandcastles and collecting seashells. Discover seashells in this Shell-y Fun activity pod! Like fingerprints, no two seashells are ever the same. Observe real seashells up-close, learn about the different types of seashells ..
Buzzy Bee | Activity Pod Buzzy Bee | Activity Pod
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Buzz into the world of the busy bee! Recognise numbers, count and learn the parts of a bee while honing your fine motor skills with wooden clothes pegs. Strengthen your numeracy skills by building beehives and recognise letters and their sounds with this Buzzy Bee activity pod. How’s life as a b..
Get into the Yuletide mood with our Christmas Cheer Jumbo Set! This curated gift set comes with a jumbo play tray for all that sensory fun! This shabby chic round metal tray with handles measures 30.5cm across with a 4.5cm depth, and features the festive sentiment "Merry and Bright" printed in the m..
Christmas Cheer | Activity Pod Christmas Cheer | Activity Pod
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Celebrate the season of joy, good cheer and lots of goodies with this Christmas Cheer activity pod! This curated mini set packs a solid dose of Santa-approved sensory fun and learning. Hear the pop pop popping sounds of the red and green soybeans when you scoop and pour them into the cupcake holder ..
Dino Might | Activity Pod Dino Might | Activity Pod
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Stomp! Roar! They may be extinct, but these mighty and ferocious creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago are still a huge hit with children. Pique their interest further with this Dino Might activity pod. Let them explore the prehistoric world while learning, discovering and having..
Shape Up | Activity Pod Shape Up | Activity Pod
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Explore shapes! Shapes are everywhere! In this Shape Up activity pod, you will find out more about the different shapes, how many sides has a shape got, and spot the different shapes in a picture. Play a game of shape bingo as you learn to recognise colours and shapes! You will also get to creat..
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