Thank you #BelandBray for your review on #Peasinabox product!

Bray exclaimed in exasperation. Oh, Busy Bee? I teased. 

We received the Buzzy Bee activity pod from @peasinabox. Bray was really excited to dive into it.

After all, he chose this theme personally from the other equally captivating themes listed. Activity pods are themed activity packs specially curated by for young children 3 years & up to learn through play. Each pod is specially crafted around the 6 key learning areas of our MOE preschool curriculum guidelines: Aesthetics & Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language & Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy, Social & Emotional Development. In reality, learning areas cannot be separated from each other entirely are inter-related. Recognising this, @peasinabox carefully packed everything u needed to start. Everything! From activity cards to wooden pegs, manipulatives & toys, a play tray, even the tray filler!

In a lovely eco-friendly drawstring pouch. Super convenient for busy mommies like me, so easy to bring around like a busy bag! The easy-to-read & understand information sheet enclosed doesn't stop short at use instructions & the skills being developed, there're also friendly suggestions to extend listed activities further. Definitely a plus for me! . Watch our IGTV to see how much fun Bray had covering Parts of a Bee, Build a Beehive, Beehive Buzz; Bee's Life Small World Sensory Play. He read numbers, counted & learnt the parts of a bee while honing his fine motor skills with wooden pegs. He recognised letters & beginning sounds, added & subtracted using the included manipulatives (all so cute btw!).

Sensory play was very much on his own as he told me of his own small bee world where he stacked his colourful flowers really high, hid some pollens; pom-poms in between the petals and described how much hard work it was for the bees to collect honey! This activity pod is a minimal-mess no-stress all-in-one bag great for a picnic out, while waiting for meals, onto the aeroplane, to the grannies, or anytime at home.

Every preschooler should at least have one @peasinabox pouch!