Spelling time! I always stress to Miss 5 that knowing how to read and spell the words you say is important.

She will be able to read signages herself. She would know where the "toilet" is, where the "exit" is, when to turn "left" or "right". Other people would not be able to hoodwink her if she knows how to read. She can enjoy all the cute and interesting storybooks out there anytime she wants, even when Mummy is not beside her.

So, here I created this Farm Words tracing worksheet for her (and all of you) to learn how to spell some fun farm words. There are two worksheets: Farm Words and Farm Words - Test Yourself. The former worksheet encourages the child to read sight words ("the" and "says") and trace the name of the farm animal and the sound they make. After completing this worksheet, for those who are up for the challenge to test themselves, can try the Farm Words - Test Yourself worksheet. The first letter of the words are provided, as well as blanks to aid your endeavour.

Don't be disheartened if you can't spell all the words! Just refer to the first worksheet for help. 

You can download Farm Words here. 

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Have fun! =)