Miss 5 adores her dinosaurs. She even has a Dino House in her room where she proudly displays her dinosaur collection. And did I mention that she scrutinises each dinosaur and remembers every single dinosaur's colour, patterns and name by heart. If you get Dino A's name wrong but still insists you are correct, she will logically and matter of factly point out that Dino A has a different pattern or colour or body part compared to Dino B. Hence, this is Dino B, not Dino A. 

Inspired by Miss 5's enthusiasm towards dinos, I've decided to do another dinosaur themed printable. For this activity, let's put on our observation glasses and do some matching! 

Help the seven mummy dinos find their babies by drawing a line to join them. You will need to match the coloured eggs and trees too! When you are matching them up, remember not to draw through the other Dinos or eggs or trees i.e. no short-cut. You will have to skillfully pass the obstacles to reach your object. 

Miss 5 was excited to see the dino babies hatching from their eggs. She was definitely engaged and focused on helping the babies find their mummies! It didn't take long for her to carefully avoid the obstacles and complete this matching activity. A fuss-free 10 minute morning activity before school. 

This activity lets you work on your visual-motor skills, spatial reasoning and visual discrimination. It also trains your pencil grip muscles as you manoeuver your pencil pass obstacles as you match.

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Download this free Dino Matching printable by clicking on the image below. 

Happy matching!