Don't we all love fruits!? And for Miss 5 at home, she definitely loves her veggies as well (much to our relief)! She's particularly fond of spinach (to be as strong as Popeye the sailor man), broccoli (because she likes holding it like a drumstick and only biting off the florets) and cheery  cherry tomatoes (simply because they look sooo cute). She does not mind the occasional chye sim and cucumber. She does get picky about carrots though. But we are not complaining. We are just very glad that she consumes vegetables at all, after seeing how my niece avoids vegetables like plague.

As an extension to the Farmer's Market activity pod, we created this simple Farmer's Market crossword puzzle for Miss 5 (and everyone else) to have a go at spelling these awesome fruits and veggies. This activity is a simple introduction into the world of crossword puzzles. I secretly hope that this will ignite at least some interest in crossword puzzles. Other than being a healthy distraction for kids, crosswords have some awesome benefits like improving spelling, vocabulary, concentration and memory skills. It can also spark interest in reading and writing. This is suitable for children who can recognise and write letters. I first told Miss 5 about the meaning of "across" and "down" and how to go about filling up the crossword puzzle. I also went through each fruit/veggie name slowly as I split the name into parts (or syllables) and let Miss 5 try guessing the letters that make those sounds before writing down the answers. Hope you enjoy this crossword puzzle with your child too!

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