My 5 yo spotted a new book "Nature's tiny miracle Bee" by Britta Teckentrup on my bookshelf and was so captivated by the illustrations. She insisted we start reading immediately! (Talk about teaching patience...)

She was ooh-ing and aah-ing over how cute the bee is, how cute the ladybird is and counted the number of flowers on (almost) every page! It took us quite a while to go through the book as she was truly fascinated with the colourful illustrations on every page. ;)

The book provided a good and simple insight into a day in the life of a bee. (How cute!) We follow the bee on its way to and fro the beehive, going in search of nectar, leaving traces of pollen everywhere it goes. Then it spotted a big field! And it excitedly sped back to its beehive to spread the news. There's work to be done! And off they go collecting nectar again! 

Knowing how excited Miss 5 is to be able to colour her fav little insect, I created this colouring page for her. As she was colouring, I noted that the bee's wings were partially coloured with a few strokes and I asked her why. She told me she saw that was how the bees looked like in the storybook and she followed it. I'm impressed! The little details kids observe! 

I'm sharing this free printable buzzy bee colouring page with all of you. (Psst, it would complement our Buzzy Bee activity pod!) Just download and print. 

Enjoy! =)

Buzzy Bee colouring page pdf

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