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What will my kids like about Peas in a Box kits?
They will receive a fun-filled box, packed with hands-on activities. They will read new books and enjoy activities that are based on interesting books. They will explore new materials, conduct simple Science experiments and spend quality time with their family. 

What will parents like about Peas in a Box kits?
Children will build their early literacy and maths skills. They will develop fine motor skills, critical thinking and reading comprehension. Our activities encourage creativity and imagination while enhancing communication skills. They will build up their confidence and readiness for school.  

Can I purchase just the activity kit without any books? 
Yes you can. But we highly recommend adding on the English and Chinese storybooks to create a better learning experience.

Where do you source for your books?
We source books from around the world. We select award-winning titles or books that are highly-rated internationally.   

Are the books new? 
Yes. Books are bought first-hand. 

Where do you source for your materials?
We source our materials locally and internationally, striving to bring quality materials to our kits. 

Can I return any book or product after I have purchased it?
We do not accept any return of products once sold. However, if you received a book that is damaged, email us within 2 weeks and we will gladly do a one-for-one exchange. 


When will I receive my order?
For products that are available, your order will arrive within 5 working days. 

When will my giftee receive his/her Peas in a Box gift?
Let us know your preferred delivery date during checkout. You need to order your gift box at least 3 days in advance so we can prepare the gift for you.  

What are the local shipping costs?
For nett orders (i.e. after discounts) below S$50.00, a $6 shipping/handling fee is required. For nett orders above S$50.00, delivery is free. 

Do you ship outside Singapore?
Yes, we can. International shipping charges are applicable. Please email us at to enquire.